Musical beginnings

Music sessions with the youngest follow a wholesome approach with 4 main elements with the roots in Willems pedagogy:

  • development of hearing and connecting it to voice production,
  • developing the sense of rhythm and coordination through games,
  • singing songs of artistic value with the content corresponding to the child’s imagination – developing musicality, affection, basic theoretical knowledge, and memory,
  • experiencing music through movement with listening to the works of western musical heritage, and other worldly areas and times.

In collaboration with the International School of Music (ISM) Finland.

Kristina is a certified music educator. Her pedagogical experience includes:

  • piano (solo, duo, chamber groups) and keyboards (band)
  • vocal technique
  • preschool music teaching
  • primary and high school music teaching
  • teaching children with special needs
  • Willems approach towards music education

Qualifications and experience:

  • Music Education: Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, earned at Academy of Music, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (2011–2017)
  • Edgar Willems Pedagogical principles: Music teacher’s formation concluded
  • Piano and solfége teacher, choral conductor at DoReMi Music Center Bled (2013–2017)
  • Preschool music sessions at international kindergartens with International School of Music Finland (2017–)